Jenny from the block!

Music Monday! and If you guys didn’t know I’m Hispanic and thought I’d feature a Hispanic artist today! So I did my girl Jennifer Lopez! Cause who doesn’t love them some of J-lo?

Her fashion hasnt really changed so dramatically but she still be poppin’ !  She is still her most daring and styling self! Here are some pictures to check out!





2014 flawless as always! Don’t you just love her? Fabulous! She just keeps getting better and better in her fashion taste!

What do you guys think of J-lo.? comment below!

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My beach adventure!

We’ll here is my ootd and beach experience today!



Shirt from Julie’s closet
Tank top from dots
Shoes from xhilaration
Tights are just active wear from Walmart!

Now really I only went legs in cause it was pretty windy today! But I still enjoyed the scenery and had fun!
Got a lot of feet in water pics heads up! Lol







Here are some pics the water was amazing ! Great adventure!


Me in the water of course !

And now here is some pics of somethings I saw when I went to the store!



Here is a lamp I actually bought and I am obsessed with cause it goes perfectly with my room !


I also bought a phone case but it’s just plain old blue case



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7 things you need when going to the beach!

We’ll guys I was heading to the beach (sadly the man made kind) when I thought it’d be perfect to post some of the things you should consider on bringing with you! Wether you are swimming or just there too relax!

Or even if you don’t know if you are or aren’t!

So here are the 7 things you need for the beach:
1) sun block!


If you aren’t looking to get a sun burn I suggest you bring one! I don’t really use any but if you burn easily I suggest you do!

2) sunglasses!


If you don’t want the sun in your eyes I suggest you don’t forget to bring then with you! It’s a must have !

3) music!


I never leave the house without music! And the beach is the perfect place to have it! If you aren’t planning on swimming you can still enjoy the nice day just lay on the beach and listen to music while reading!

Which brings me to the next one !

4) books/ magazines!


I brought with me my favorite magazine and favorite book! Who doesn’t wanna lay on the beach soak up some heat and enjoy a good read? Don’t have any actual books or you forget?
Download the app watt pad and you can easily find a good read! You can read offline also! (My favorite app ever!)

5) lipstick/gloss!


Gotta look cute for the guys no? Make sure to bring a lip gloss or stick that is heat protected and your sure to look good all day long!

6) flip flops !


Easy to take off and put on ! Make sure you have a pair cause no one wants to get sand in there converses do they? I think not!

7) towel duh!


So this is as duh ! When you think beach you think sand water and towels (with the exception of boys ;)! Even if you think you aren’t gonna get on the water rather be safe and sorry ! Bring one just in case cause you never know when you might need it

My ootd and beach adventures will be posted tomorrow hopefully! But check back later for an ootd !

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Fashion Friday!

For fashion Friday I thought I’d talk about name brands and such!
So I know there’s people out here who just shop at name brand stores, which in my opinion I think that you can get good clothes anywhere you go!

If you seen yesterday’s post you saw some clothes I found that were actually good quality! I felt them tried them out and everything was fine!

In my opinion brands don’t matter just just how you style and wear the clothes you get!
So next time you go shopping keep in mind it’s not about the brand but what they sell!
You don’t want to buy something just because they have a fancy name well known to the public!
Or just because it’s the new trend. Remember fashion is used to express yourself not to be on the “in” with the crew



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My Shopping Adventures!

Well I went out shopping a couple times and the first place I went to was Kohl’s and when I got there I’m just like omg! This would be something perfect to post on my blog! I could do some kind of shopping experience and such! So I pulled out my handy camera (It takes wonderful photos I think!) and just started taking pictures of things that caught my eyes!

nacelace necklace bracelet necklace

These are some really cute accessories I found at Kohl’s! I thought they would make a perfect statement and could also be the staple of any outfit. Sadly I didn’t get any but they were just so cute I just had to share them with you guys!


I reallllyy love this purse it is just perfection in my mind! I love that sea foam green color! and It can change it’s length and I love that in a purse!



This is the perfect statement bag don’t you think? For anyone still going to school you could go in style? Who doesn’t wanna look stylish with all those cute boys around?

Okay so I went to Target the next day and It was crazy! They had alot of cute stuff there! I lost my mind. Had no clue where to start! Sadly I was rushed on time and only got to take one picture of a really cute dress! And of course I checked out the dress and it had a nice idk silky feel to it. It felt very comfy and the material was very nice!


(There’s a high-low dress behind it and it was just amazing cute!) But here is the dress! Sorry it’s kinda blurry! I used my Iphone for this and some lady was tryna look at the dresses also, Haha room for two anyone? Behind me though was something I didn’t think I would see at target but was crazy shocked when I did! I saw some really cute printed Kimos! It was crazy I was jumping with joy! They were really cute! Next time I go I’ll make sure to get some pics!

I also went to Walmart the day after! Really cute stuff there! I loveee getting my tanktops from there cause they usually have them for 4 dollars and on sale for about 2! And I love layering so it’s just a match and in Heaven! Here are just a couple of the things that caught my attention!

dress DSC01878 DSC01879 DSC01880

They are pretty cute! I love the prints and colors! The yahd pink and maybe more but these two are the ones that caught my attention!

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Tip Tuesday!

Well guys busy day! Here is Tip Tuesday! Sorry for being so late!

blog blogg bloggg diy-tutorial-jacket-with-lace-trim

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Music Monday! :Selena Gomez

Who doesn’t love the “come and get it” singer? I do! If you ready come and get it nananana! Today for Music of the Monday! I am gonna do selener!

Now we all know (or should know) about her crazy love life with the Biebs! No?

Well if you don’t too bad! Cause this is a fashion blog and we ain’t getting into this! Ha jk here is a quickie

They are off and on and off and on and right now they are currently off! There not so bad no?

But back too her fashion choices!

I think her outfits for her tour are just stunning! See for yourself!







Who wouldn’t wanna be brave? I sure do!

By the way her clothes line if you didn’t know is at target! Saw some pictures online it’s pretty cute! Not sure if it’s in stores yet though!

Sure too google it if you’re really interested!

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