Music Monday! :Selena Gomez

Who doesn’t love the “come and get it” singer? I do! If you ready come and get it nananana! Today for Music of the Monday! I am gonna do selener!

Now we all know (or should know) about her crazy love life with the Biebs! No?

Well if you don’t too bad! Cause this is a fashion blog and we ain’t getting into this! Ha jk here is a quickie

They are off and on and off and on and right now they are currently off! There not so bad no?

But back too her fashion choices!

I think her outfits for her tour are just stunning! See for yourself!







Who wouldn’t wanna be brave? I sure do!

By the way her clothes line if you didn’t know is at target! Saw some pictures online it’s pretty cute! Not sure if it’s in stores yet though!

Sure too google it if you’re really interested!

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Funday Sunday!

So for Funday Sunday I thought I’d have  a little fun and check out some of my shoes I consider kinda corny and cute.

I mean my other sandals are just pretty straight forward lol

sandals sandals

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Rockin’ The Blues!

Well! Today I had an event I had to go too. Nothing too crazy so I decided to wear something simple!

I wore my faves skinny jeans with a high-low tank top with a see through back! Simple enough right? Too top it off I wore it with a zebra printed belt and some zebra printed flip flops! (Current closet obsession!)

Check it out!

blueeootd blue

blue2 blue3bluee4

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Fashion Friday!

Okay you guys are probably just like…Yes It’s Friday!! And like Rebecca Black, we gotta get down on Friday! Cause everybody is looking forward to the weekend no? I am!

Well today I thought I’d just post some influential pictures for the weekend!


I really like this quote I honestly do. It’s a good point of view. No matter what body type or color, you should own what you got! I don’t no about you guys but I like to think of the world as my runway. Flaunt whatcha mama gave ya! Isn’t that the quote right? Why not live by it!

I’m sorry but it is about to be inspirational quote over load! But I completely agree with every single one of them! And completely advise that you agree with them too. Cause they are so deeply true!

dare Inspirational-Quote-Three-Kendra-Scott-Fashion-Jewelry-Designer fashion-quote3 Adama-Q images dareee

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Modern Ego!

Okay guys here are some more of my faves from ModernEgo!

fool-for-you-hot-pink-1_2 fit-and-flare-1_2 until-the-end-1_2

I am completely in love with this romper (romper obsession alert!) I’m at it again but I’m sorry I just can’t contain myself! They are just soooo cute!

I end-of-time-2


This top along with the romper is by far my favorite!


As always here is the link!

Those were some of my favorites! I really just love the whole tribal/Aztec printed clothes! They have a lot of new arrivals but here are the ones that caught my attention!

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Berry Blue Day



Okay guys! For today’s outfit I decided to wear a blazer. I have two blazers overall and when I first got it I was just like…What am I suppose to do with them? This blog has given me some inspiration. So I messed around a little and this is what I came up with!


berryblue sandals

Sandals gift from my mother

shirt from walmart ( I have to admit that walmart are some seriously cute tank tops)

Blazer from areo

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